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Business Brokers of Louisiana is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Since its inception, Business Brokers of Louisiana has brokered the sale of hundreds of companies. It currently has a substantive number of companies contracted and listed for sale, many with valuations in excess of $1 million dollars. To see our listings click here. Business Brokers of Louisiana has shown remarkable success in finding appropriate and attractive financing to support the sale of these transactions. Our corporate financial acumen and experience is a critical element in our success. This has shown to be very important as the vast major of acquisition transactions have a financing component.

Business Brokers of Louisiana has a staff of very seasoned professionals with wide and diverse business backgrounds. Because many of our staff have built and sold their own companies, we not only understand the transaction process, but also the emotional process of taking such a critically important personal and financial step. These professionals bring to Business Brokers of Louisiana clients expertise in such important areas as Marketing, Banking, Health Care, Finance, Taxation, Acquisition Negotiation, Operational Integration, Sale of Professional Sports Team Franchises, and the evaluation/acquisition of high quality income producing real estate properties, which are really businesses. Some examples of these income producing real estate properties are mini storage warehouses, apartment complexes, RV parks, mobile home parks, strip shopping centers, etc.

Much of Business Brokers of Louisiana success can be attributed to the relationships, contacts, and access to hundreds if not thousands of the premier equity funding groups. Funds located in the United States and worldwide seeking quality Mid Market acquisitions. Since September 11, 2001 and the subsequent stock market collapse thereafter, there has been a large movement of funds from the stock market to equity funds. Today, it is truly a sellers market. There is more investment equity funding than there are suitable acquisition candidates, or lending opportunities.

Business Brokers of Louisiana was formed by entrepreneurs. We are results driven and proactive. Our decision making process is short. It we are not able to add value to a client’s strategy, we will advise immediately. If we can add value, we will move forward expeditiously.

If you believe you may like to engage Business Brokers of Louisiana services, give us a call, at 225-201-0202. we would like to hear from you. We promise you it will be a refreshing, informative, and rewarding experience with absolutely no cost or obligation on your part.

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