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Funding / Financing Sources

At Business Brokers of Louisiana, one of our greatest strengths is helping our clients secure funding or financing. We have a strong track record whether the need be for growth and value enhancement or for acquisitions. During their professional careers, our team members have assembled innumerous contacts within the nation’s finance and investment community. Business Brokers of Louisiana, as an entity, has itself developed substantial contacts in the financial world. These contacts allow our clients access to the greatest array of the best sources of funds. These are sources that most often will provide the best financing terms for each specific situation. They can also consummate the more sophisticated transactions usually in the shortest time frames. In many cases, they will fund transactions when local banks and other local lenders won’t.

The following are some of the areas where Business Brokers of Louisiana can assist their clients:

  • Provide research sources to assist you in making critical financial decisions.
  • Help clients secure government guaranteed SBA and USDA Loans for business use or acquisitions. We only refer our clients to lenders such as CIT Financial, PNC Bank, Wells Fargo, Wachovia Bank, UPS Capital, etc that are SBA / USDA preferred and certified lenders. This means that they can commit funding without having to get the approval of the local SBA / USDA office. This greatly enhances the approval process and greatly reduces the time frame on securing the loan.
  • Help clients secure equity funding from equity groups / funds or venture capital companies.
  • Help clients secure mezzanine or bridge loan funding to facilitate short term grow opportunities.
  • Help clients secure funding for business or financial restructuring to include: business lines of credit (working capital), debt restructuring / refinancing, recapitalization, public to private, ESOP conversion, bankruptcy reorganization, partner(s) buyout, construction, accounts receivable funding, etc.
  • Help clients secure funding for machinery and equipment acquisitions.
  • Help clients secure funding for real estate acquisitions. In particular for high value income producing properties (apartments, mobile home parks, strip shopping centers, mini storage warehouses, etc.).
  • For practice acquisitions of medically related professionals and CPA firms. Here we have multiple sources of 100% financing.
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