Team Members

  • Robert A "Bob" Bourgeois
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    4744 Jamestown Ave Suite 200 Baton Rouge, LA 70808
    Robert A "Bob" Bourgeois
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Robert A. “Bob” Bourgeois is of the owner and President of Sunbelt Business Brokers of Louisiana. Bob acquired the Baton Rouge, La office over 15 years ago. He is a life long resident of Baton Rouge, LA. He attended LSU getting a BS and an MBA. Bob spent over 20 years with Blue Cross of Louisiana where he was Vice President of Marketing for, as he likes to say, “More years than he likes to count.” In his position at Sunbelt he has personally handled or overseen and managed the sale of over 500 businesses with many being mid market / M & A transactions with 7 figure plus values. Bob, as a certified business broker, brings a wide experience background to facilitate sellers in evaluating, structuring and marketing their businesses so as to sell them in the shortest time frame, to the best potential buyers, for the best price. Bob also has extensive experience and talent in helping buyers find the business of their dreams for which they are financially qualified and financially comfortable in purchasing. He is also very adept in helping buyers find businesses for which they are psychologically suited so they intimately enjoy working at the business for the rest of their career. Bob has been very active in the community belonging to many organizations such as: Sales and Marketing Executives, Chamber of Commerce, Advertising Federation, Knights of the Round Table, Christ the King Catholic Church, etc. If you are looking to buy a good business for sale or come to the decision it is time to sell my business come visit with Bob at the Baton Rouge office and let him put his years of experience and talent to work for you. Bob has completed all the requirements and is a “Certified Business Broker”.
  • Brandon Bourgeois
    Marketing Director - Sponsoring Real Estate Broker LA & MS
    4744 Jamestown Suite 200 Baton Rouge, LA 70808
    Brandon Bourgeois
    Marketing Director - Sponsoring Real Estate Broker LA & MS

    Brandon A. Bourgeois is a business broker working out of the Baton Rouge office. He has been born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is a graduate of Louisiana State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. Brandon has grown up around the business working for his father Bob, one of the co-owners. Brandon is a licensed real estate broker in both Louisiana and Mississippi. During that time he worked mostly several administrative jobs while he was attending LSU. His other main focus besides being a broker is his specialization in new start up franchises. Brandon is energetic and enjoys helping bring buyers and sellers of businesses together and helping customers find or start new franchises to invest in that fit the client's personality and desires.

  • Bob McFarland
    4744 Jamestown Suite 200 Baton Rouge LA 70808
    Bob McFarland
    Bob McFarland has been a Business Broker with Sunbelt Business Brokers in Baton Rouge for over a decade. As a seasoned veteran in this industry, Bob has tremendous knowledge and great experience in all types of business transactions. He enjoys nothing more than assisting his clients from start to finish in the selling process. Contact Bob McFarland today to receive his enthusiastic hands-on approach to business sales.
  • Alan Risher
    4744 Jamestown Ave Suite 200 Baton Rouge, LA 70808
    Alan Risher
    Alan Risher brings many years of successful sales and marketing experience to his position as business broker. Born in New Orleans, Alan is a life long Louisiana native. He attended LSU obtaining a BS degree. Alan, a prep All-American Quarterback, starred at LSU before enjoying a five year pro career in the NFL and USFL. Alan has an extensive background in outside corporate sales management in the southeast US region. He served in the capacity as Regional Sales Manager for Fisher Scientific, the largest laboratory supply company in the world, and as Regional Sales Manager for a major health maintenance organization. Alan has also managed and been head coach of two arena professional football teams. From that experience, Alan became a Co-Founder and managing partner of The Team Sales Company, a company that specializes and had great success in marketing and selling a variety of professional sports teams. Alan's great array of skills and talent has helped him become very successful in his career as a business broker. He has brokered the sale of a number of professional sports franchises and a wide variety of businesses. Alan is imminently qualified to help you sell your business or to help you find the business or sports franchise of your dreams.
  • Cheryl Fuzette
    3445 N. Causeway Blvd Suite 906 New Orleans, LA 70002
    Cheryl Fuzette
    Cheryl Fuzette is a business broker in the New Orleans office. Cheryl has over 30 years of accounting and management experience in a variety of businesses. She purchased a Mad Science franchise in 1997 and grew the business into a very successful company. In 2007 she sold the business for a profit. She then went on to start a business consulting company to assist companies in lowering their operating costs associated with healthcare. As a broker, Cheryl’s accounting and management experience allows her to help buyers and sellers reach their individual goals. She is a life-long resident of the Northshore having grown up in Abita Springs and now residing north of Covington in the Lee Road area. She and her husband, Billy, have two daughters and one son. They live on a farm where they have owned and operated a thoroughbred racehorse business for the last seven years.
  • Gary Cowell
    4744 Jamestown Ave Suite 200 Baton Rouge, LA 70808

    Gary is a lifelong resident of the Baton Rouge area with more than 30 years of successful business experience.  Gary has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of sales, sales management, marketing and essential business practices.  Whether you are looking to buy or sell, Gary can help you reach your goals successfully. He applies himself fully in all aspects of his family and business by being devoted, professional, practical and proactive.  If you are considering selling your business or looking to purchase an existing company, call Gary and create a new direction for your future.


    “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

    Zig Ziglar

  • Darren Williams
    91D Texas Ave Alexandria, LA 71301

    Darren Williams recently opened Sunbelt Business Brokers of CENLA in Alexandria, Louisiana after relocating to the area a short time ago.   He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Finance from Northwestern State University and secured an M.B.A from Northeast Louisiana University in 1993.  Since then Darren has accumulated a wealth of business knowledge and extensive experience with business startups, financing, forecasting, and expansions as the Director of the Small Business Development Center.   He has used that practical experience to start up and operate three successful businesses of his own including an independent business brokerage firm.   His most recent business venture grew to $1 million in sales in less than three years.  Additionally, he successfully carried out responsibilities as an International Marketing Manager for one of the largest telecommunications companies in the U.S and has a strong understanding of the healthcare industry.    In his time off he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children as well as spending time outdoors fishing, hiking, and hunting.   If you are considering selling your business or looking to purchase an existing company let Darren’s passion for business and entrepreneurship work for you.

  • Gary Robinson
    6624 Main St. Winnsboro, LA 71295


    Gary D. Robinson, Business Broker with Sunbelt Business Brokers of Central Louisiana, has provided management in several wholesale & retail businesses prior to becoming a licensed real estate professional in 1985. He is a business owner, a licensed certified general real estate appraiser, certified machinery & equipment appraiser and real estate broker with over 30 years of experience.

    Gary’s vast knowledge and experience with a variety of real and personal property brings a wealth of knowledge to Sunbelt clients to assist in the buy/sell process, the marketing of their business, and the due diligence process. His broad knowledge and diverse hands-on experience, in the areas of sales, marketing, finance, management and operations, as well as with branding, technology, business planning, funding and business start-up, growth and development in various industries is a significant asset to clients.

    If you are considering selling or buying a business, contact him to personally learn more about achieving a planned and successful business sale. He would like to support you in this process.  Gary is committed to doing business the right way.

  • Ray Jennings
    6624 Main St. Winnsboro, LA 71295

    Charlie Ray Jennings, Jr., a licensed real estate professional, has been involved in and consulted with many diverse businesses prior to joining Sunbelt Business Brokers of Central Louisiana as a Business Broker.

    Ray, with many years experience in sales, marketing, and operations, brings unique skills to working with clients who wish to buy and/or sell a business. This experience includes but is not limited to retail operations, convenience stores, repair shops, construction, environmental concerns, trucking, and many more. Ray’s experience with branding, technology, business planning, funding and business start-up, growth and development in various industries is a significant asset to clients.

    Ray has a unique view of the many facets of different industries in that he has owned and operated his own businesses, as well as serving in the public sector as Regional Vice President, Director of Operations, National Accounts Sales, Sales Manager, Outside Sales, and Purchasing Manager with regional and multi-state companies.

    If you are considering selling or buying a business, contact him to personally learn more about achieving a planned and successful business sale. He would like to support you in this process.  Ray is committed to doing business the right way.

  • Chris Sater
    7710 Jewella Ave. Shreveport, LA 71108
    Chris Sater

    Chris ​earned a Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Texas Austin in 2002, an M.B.A from Centenary College of LA in 2012, and passed the CMA Exam (Certified Management Accountant) in 2014. He enjoys all aspects of mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis and business valuation.  He owns several small businesses and enjoys helping buyers and sellers achieve their professional goals. Chris is also a licensed real estate agent in Louisiana. Contact Chris by emailing him at

  • Jimmy Adams
    4000 US Hwy 90, Suite D Milton, FL 32571
    Jimmy Adams

    I was born in Roseville CA in the tumultuous 60’s (1966). My Father, born in Pensacola, FL was the oldest son of one of the first 100 Chief Master Sergeant’s in the Air Force. My mother, the Daughter of a home builder and an original entrepreneur, is a California Native.  I was destined to be a trailblazing, independent, figure it out, business owner.  My parents moved to Southern California in the early 70’s and this is where I grew up until 2006. I attended High School at Woodcrest Christian School and graduated in 1984. I started college as a pre-med student at Loma Linda University and then on to California State University San Bernardino graduating in 1989.

    In order to pay down some of my student debt, I applied to the California Highway Patrol and given an academy date. Due to budget cuts in California I was “wait listed”. I was accepted into the San Bernardino County Sheriffs Academy and graduated with high honors eventually going on to work for the Federal Government and the Riverside Sheriffs Department in Special Investigations, Advanced Officer Training, along with other assignments which allowed me to enhance my career. I began a masters degree program in Criminal Intelligence at Cal State Fullerton while in that program I met other professionals working in the personal protection business. After leaving my law enforcement career I began working for an international clothing brand assigned to the brand’s owner as his personal security. This experience, taught me the many benefits of being in business for yourself with the personal financial freedom and opportunities business ownership gives to you. I worked in that capacity for a couple of years and then purchased my first business, a windshield repair franchise. It had an exclusive license to use a patented long crack repair system. While building that business, I met a number of business owners and trailblazers eventually leading to my involvement in cable television marketing and creating a start-up called Video Services Marketing. This led to an opportunity in Silicon Valley and a contract with Pacific Bell and other large telephony companies across the country.  I eventually sold VSM to two of the managers I hired and took a year off to spend with my first child.

    Through many of the contacts and relationships I developed, I was contacted by a former employee who offered me a position with an insurance brokerage firm owned by Cendant Corporation. I worked my way into developing affinity partnerships creating joint marketing relationships with banks, credit unions and other associations which substantially increased sales to Cendant’s Long Term Preferred Care insurance marketing division. Cendant decided to sell off that asset and my position was no longer needed, so I became an independent insurance broker, advising high net worth clients in asset preservation and protection.  Through those relationships, I learned that real estate was the last great asset that not only protected wealth but protected it from taxation. Capitalizing on those relationships I began buying, refurbishing and re-selling residential real estate ultimately becoming a real estate broker in Florida and Alabama. After the housing collapse in 2006, I began to look for the place that would be great for my kids, offer me access to a beach and had huge upside real estate potential along with minimal taxation. So I returned to the birth place of my father and the training grounds of my grandfather, Pensacola Florida.  Today , I’m proud to be associated with Sunbelt Business Brokers and Gulf Pacific Financial and Development Services Inc. a real estate, insurance and restaurant development and marketing company with billions and billions in sales.

    I am a happily married father of 5 children ages 3 to 21. My oldest daughter is a senior at the University of West Florida, my youngest daughter is a Junior at Florida State University on her way to law school. My oldest son is a senior at Pace High School and my #2 son is a Freshman at Pace High School. My baby likes to eat and play with trucks.  My wife is a successful restaurant and food truck owner who for the past 6 years operates Carmelinas On The Go and Carmelinas Cafe.

  • Tim Eovino
    4000 US Hwy 90, Suite D Milton, FL 32571
    Tim Eovino
  • John Price
    302 Church St. Suite F Houma, LA 70360
    John Price
  • Everist Charles
    3313 Kingman Metairie, LA 70065
    Everist Charles
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