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Our companies only operate at the highest of levels of integrity and professionalism. Our professionalism is exhibited in many ways. The major ones are:
  • Our Brokers are experienced, professional negotiators that negotiate hard to get a business owner the best value for there business. We have a broad prospective of done deals and failed deals with keen insight into the primary factors contributing to both.
  • We are the biggest and best in our industry in the Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. We are one of the oldest and most respected business brokerage, mid market intermediaries in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. We have sold many times more business then all of our competitors combined.
  • We can review the businesses financials and “recast” them so as to present the most favorable, honest representation of the business to a potential buyer.
  • Often, we refer business owners to trusted, knowledgeable advisors such as lawyers, accountants, tax specialists, appraisers, personal financial advisors, etc., if the business owner does not have his own.
  • Most all of our Brokers have industry certification. All have or are quickly working on their real estate license.
  • The vast majority of our brokers have owned their own business. They empathize very well with other business owners. This makes our brokers also very skilled in advising and mentoring potential buyers who have never owned a business. This is a large percentage of our buyer pool.
  • We can advise a business owner on valuable legal, financial and tax considerations to discuss with their attorney or accountant.
  • Our Brokers receive, review, evaluate and present purchase offers or letters of intent to our sellers. We then advise on appropriateness and worthiness of the offer.
  • Our Brokers understand the local marketplace, the buyers prospective of it and how to respond to the buyers in the most productive way. There are different types of buyers such as the individual personal buyer, the financial buyer, the strategic buyer, etc. Each type has it’s own motivations and view point in the buying process which must be accurately and appropriately addressed.
  • We have experts in many industry sectors from the large pool of brokers that are affiliated with us.
  • We significantly reduce the business owner’s frustrations in going through the selling process saving much business and personal time while at the same time minimizing interference with the owners management of the company.
  • We are so confident in our ability to sell businesses, we charge no up front or recurring fees, retainers, engagement charges, processing charges, etc. We get paid a success fee (commission) at the closing of the sale of the business. Beware of any others wanting up front or recurring fees because many of these entities primary focus is collecting the fees versus selling the business.
  • We will help you work through and expedite the due diligence process. Due diligence occurs after there is an offer and acceptance by the owner wishing to sell their business. Due diligence is a process in which the potential buyer reviews all aspects of the business he has an offer in place on. It can include examination of the financial records; search of court/public records for any encumbrances on the business; where applicable, reviewing existing and negotiating a new rental/lease agreement; reviewing any outstanding contracts the business may have; reviewing personal staffing; examining/inspecting furniture, fixtures and equipment; insuring appropriate licenses are in place and many other items. We act as a conduit for the buyer to insure that the buyer gets all the information/documentation needed. Also, we expedite the process so as to get to close the sale as quickly as possible while minimizing the impact on the seller and his running of the business. All the whiles maintaining confidentiality. Many of a deal has collapsed because of poor practices during the due diligence process.
  • Where a lease or rental agreement in is place, we work closely with the buyer and the landlord to facilitate a new lease for the buyer and to release the seller from the existing lease. As real estate agents, we are very proficient here. We know our local real estate market well.
  • After due diligence is complete, our Brokers work with both buyer/seller and there trusted advisors such as lawyers and accountants to facilitate and expedite the closing process. Expertise here is very important because this is another are where many a deal has collapsed because of mishandling.
  • We provide the business owner with valuable insight and considerations on whether to structure the sale of the business as an asset sale or a stock sale. This can include legal liability issues, tax considerations, financial issues, etc. The business owner can then take this information to his trusted advisors such as lawyers, accounts, etc.
  • We screen potential buyers in major and important areas: financial capacity to perform (do they have enough available funds or sources of funds), prior business experience and psychological suitability to enjoy owning and effectively running the business. Only after a potential buyer has successfully past our screening process and signed a stringent confidentiality agreement, are they provided with specific information about a business we have listed for sale.
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